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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 21, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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. . i had to hold on to the wall to keep myself safe, because i don't want to fly away in the tornado. >> simply doing whatever they can to survive. new video coming into our newsroom of the massive tornado that ripped through oklahoma. you can see right there, it looks like a rainbow. that is a tornado behind that causing destruction. >> here is a look at the devastation left behind. entire neighborhoods in the town were leveled. crews working through the night hoping to find survivors in that rubble. >> it has been so very, very hard to watch. it is 4:30. good morning. i'm jon kelley. i'm laura garcia-cannon. the numbers keep rising.
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the news is not good. 91 people dead as a result of the ef-4 tornado. of those, dozens of them young children who took shelter in a pair of elementary schools directly in the tornado's path. >> this twister, more than a mile wide. it was on the ground for nearly an hour there crushing across oklahoma in the city suburbs destroying everything in its path. "today in the bay," jay gray, in oklahoma city, he has the latest on the recovery efforts. >> we have heard the whine of chainsaws and the roar of heavy equipment, part of a promise the governor has made to keep searching for survivors as long as possible here overnight, emergency teams continued to search for survivors working through miles of debris in an area leveled by this massive tornado. >> this is not good. >> this is terrible. this is war zone terrible. >> reporter: the violent funnel
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was more than a mile wide and on the ground for close to an hour. >> when you see a tornado that big, you find a place. you had no choice. it's either find cover or die. >> reporter: even some who rushed to shelter could not escape the wrath of the storm. >> we went to the cellar door come. you see the latch coming undone. we couldn't reach for it. it ripped open the door. and glass and debris started slamming on us. >> injured victims were pulled from the debris that is scattered across more than 20 miles. entire neighborhoods and communities seared away by what initial reports indicate was an ef-4 tornado with winds pushing 200 miles an hour. two elementary schools took a direct hit. some of the children were pulled from the wreckage. we now know at least 20 students ever among the dozens killed. while at a school just off the
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track of the tornado, students say they could still feel its intepsty. >> you could hear it and you could feel your ears pop out. you could feel the rumble and you could feel the debris hitting the walls. we could hear every bit of it. it was scary. >>. >> reporter: emotions that like shouch here are still exposed and raw. specially for survivors pushed past their limits in the hardest hit areas like this one. in oklahoma city, i'm jay gray. back to you. >> i can't being there. we are just seeing a lot of the pictures that are coming out from the tornado, the devastation left behind. many of them posted online are simply amazing. >> well, this video you just saw, this was shot by a cook at kfc. notice hail and that massive tornado heading his way. the 24-year-old grabbed his cell phone and started recording as fast as he could. he admits at this point, one of
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the smartest things he has ever done at this hour. hard to understand or imagine really how big that tornado actually was. he wants to help give us a better idea to what we were looking at, we turn over to meteorologist, christina loren. we keep saying we have initial reports saying it was an ef-4. however, what has to happen now that the sun is coming up in oak he can o, the national weather service has to head out there and determine whether or not the debris indicates it wan an ef-4 or ef-5. let's get to the scale. what that means, if it was an ef-5 and i do believe it was based on all the pictures i have seen. 200-mile-per-hour plus winds causing a path of two miles wide. you are talking about well-built schools in the area. one of which is totally leveled this morning. kids had to walk for miles over debris where their communities used to stand. this is an area that we'll not soon forget, may 20th. it will go down in oklahoma's history.
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today. we are not out of the woods just yet. all that severe weather pressing toward illinois and indiana. we will keep watching for you all morning long. as we continue throughout the morning and the sun comes up, the pictures are going to be devastating. back to you for now. >> we will continue to cover it all morning long as you mentioned. >> a look at some dramatic photos of the rescue. head to we are going to have continuing coverage. we will have a live report and here from a peninsula teenager that was just miles away when the tornado touched down. >> jody hernandez is live there with the latest. tomorrow marks the two-year anniversary of the country's deadliest single tornado in decades. it killed 161 people when it hit joplin, missouri on may 22nd,
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2011. hundreds of others were injured. thousands of homes and buildings were destroyed. job lynn city officials are sending a support team to moore, oklahoma, which will include about a dozen members from the police and fire department. updating you on other news. new this morning, we are planning to learn more about the san jose pedestrian struck and killed crossing a busy street late last night. this happened on the city's east side just before 9:30 at the intersection of white road and madeline drive. not too far from james lick high school. it appears the victim was in a crosswalk when this happened. we are being told the driver is cooperating with investigators. police have not released the victim's name or any other details surrounding the crash. >> it is 4:36. a rash of violent crime in east palo alto prompting that city's police chief to prepare an emergency. two other teams hurt. police say that attack is one of more than 50 firearm assaults
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since january. starting today, east palo alto's police department will be under a crime emergency allowing the department to cancel days off and make patrol changes. the crime emergency will last 30 days. >> a search is underway this morning at golden gate park and along ocean beach for a missing bay to breaker's runner, 27-year-old bo rasmussen was last seen sunday. he told some of his friends he was on his way to the beach for a swim. that was the last they saw of him. his personal belongings were found in golden gate park near the beach shall lay restaurant. ucsf medical center plans to have a two-day strike over a pension plan that requires more employee contributions. it led ucsf to cancel elective surgeries for this week. they say they will bring in
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temporary replacements san jose city council members are making a special plea in a very public way. they wrote a special article in this morning's "mercury" news. he calls on city council to stop fighting against measure b. a san jose police union is challenging measure b saying the city should have bargained more with the union before putting it on the ballot. they are making the comments ahead of the city budget section which could include close to $1 million in fees. in his statement, he wrote, we can not wage war against our employees, expect them to provide high quality service for lower pay and then be surprised that they seek employment elsewhere. >> it is one fans have been waiting for for a long time. decision day for the nfl. team owners announcing if the new 49ers stadium will be chosen to host super bowl 40 in 2016.
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the santa clara bid widely considered the front-runner over miami. representatives will be making the final pitches to the nfl. if san francisco for some reason does not end up hosting super bowl 50, it is also in the running for super bowl 51 coming up in 2017. we expect to hear that decision at 11:00 a.m. i feel pretty good about it. i want a new stadium and the bid in the city. >> and the number, a nice, even one. good deal. >> if you say it, i like it. >> let's see if we reach the 50s. we are going to have a cooldown, right, christina? a significant cooldown. miami always has the super bowl. let's start something new. something new today, probably that wardrobe. pull out that coat today. it is going to be much cooler specially inland where we hit 90s yesterday. today, we are only talking about the low 70s. wind will play a factor coming out of the west. that means onshore flow today.
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starting out pretty mild. temperatures not that far off between now and where we started off yesterday. what i can tell you is we are going to end up about 20 degrees cooler. your futurecast tells that story. only ramping up into the mid to upper 60s, even into places like livermore. you see everywhere shaded with that green. that's where we are going to get that natural coolant for today, not quite making it through the delta. however, it will tomorrow. we have a stronger onshore flow headed our way. 72 for redwood city and 62 degrees in san francisco on a traffic tuesday. let's check that drive. good morning, mike. hey, folks, let's get a look out here, the live camera over by the coliseum. you will notice a lot of neon, arrows pointing in both directions. you are losing your left lane as you are headed north past high street. as crews start to shift, you see that. even this causes very little slowing on our maps north bound. it is southbound as your heading down just before you get to high
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street. reports of a crash and two trucks involved on the shoulder with a minor distraction. just before you get there, more construction heading south down through downtown. this one around 23rd caused more slowing. you see the red on there just starting to clear as things may be starting to move as far as the crews are concerned. a crash over here, north 680 heading up through walnut creek. there is a crash in the center divide and a fire crew is now on scene, guys. back to you. some good news, bad news for the giants. pitcher, ryan vogelsong is going to have to have surgery this morning. he ended up fracturing his hand hit by a pitcher in yesterday's game with the nationals. he is expected to miss 4 to 6 weeks as he recovers e was having a great day off the mound pitching five scoreless innings and helping the team get a little bit of good news. they beat washington, 8-0. a live look at the shark tank this morning. sharks getting ready for game
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four with the l.a. kings. in the crowd tonight, this is cool, a very special fan. the dream foundation will grant nick gallagher his final wish. he is a native that spent the last seven years battling brain cancer. he and his family will have ice-level seats at tonight's game and will meet the players before the game. they are going to get to ride the zamboni during one of the intermissions. that should create a lot of memories 4:42 right now. on the hot seat, we'll tell you why congress is getting ready to grill apple's ceo. look into reports the irs was targeting the tea party and other conservative groups. >> we'll let you know what officials are now recommending be done at yosemite after that virus outbreak that killed three people.
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you are watching "today in the bay." good tuesday morning to you. in the hot seat, the former acting irs commissioner being questioned on capitol hill after testifying before a house committee last week. steven miller will be a witness at a senate hearing. lawmakers will ask him about the irs targeting the tea party and other conservative groups applying for tax exempt status. during last week's testimony, he
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apologized and denied irs employees were politically motivated. the irs scandal leading to protests across the country today. tea party patriots asking people to demonstrate outside irs offices nationwide today at noon. the chair woman of the tea party caucus, michele bachmann, is expected to push for further investigation. >> apple ceo, tim cook, set to face heat in front of a senate panel answering allegations they have not been paying all of their taxes. seema mody, live at cnbc world headquarters. she has all the details plus a look at how the futures are trading. >> let's start with the markets. futures lower after stocks took a step back on monday. the dow goes for a record 19th straight tuesday with a gain today. no economic data out today but home depot does report earnings this morning. the dow falling to close at
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15,335. the nasdaq to close at 3496. am ceo, tim cook, testifying before a senate panel. the cupertino-based company in his prepared testimony, cook says apple doesn't use tax gimmicks and it has substantial foreign cash, because it sells most of its products outside the united states. yahoo! was rebooting flicker with plans to make the photo-sharing site awesome again. they are redesigning flicker to emphasize photos over text and wide space. they are launching a new app and offering one terabyte of free storage to users equivalent of 5,000 photos. yahoo! based in sunnyville, is moving its new york city offices to times square taking over the old "new york times" building. back to you. >> interesting note.
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always a good goal to shoot for. keeping things awesome. seema mody, thank you very much. >> going to get a little cold out in the forecast. it is awesome news. 4:48. they bring the awesome out of all of us. it is a good day to get out there. if you want to hit your bike and take your dog to a walk, beautiful conditions today. we are going to hold on to the below average temps, all the way throughout this coming saturday. then, we warm you back up but not by much. we are going to hold on to pretty much seasonal averages even as we get into this weekend. it is going to be nice out here. we are done with the heat. 53, gilroy, 54, livermore, 55 degrees in san jose. if you don't think that is a good thing we are done with the heat, just keep in mind, one month away of summertime that we have three months of heat to get to. cool conditions for today's onshore flow, rather robust. we are talking about the may/gray returning to the area. cities located as far to the
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east as livermore waking up with mostly cloudy conditions today, courtesy of that strong onshore flow. bringing in more ocean air as we head throughout the day. it is going to be a little bit blustery, specially at the immediate coast. the hot pinks and reds is where the wind will occur. marin county, sonoma county coastline, gusty conditions, 40-50 miles per hour up there as we head throughout the second half of the day. winds should start to drop off. an area of low pressure is coming through and that will keep temperatures nice and cool for today. it is going to take a few days to mix that cool air out. on its heels, another area of low pressure keeps us cool. look at your seven-day forecast. pretty comfortable. 69 by thursday. that will be the coolest. we are not going to fluctuate all that much temperaturewise. finally, for memorial day, warming up to conditions where it won't be perfect at the beach but warm enough for you to get out there with your family. back to you guys for now. thank you very much.
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4:49. back to the bay. president obama returned to the bay area showing up for another big money event. this time, he is fundraising for the democrats in the senate. the president's first stop on june 6th at 5:00 reception at the palo alto home of a couple of tech entrepreneurs. at 6:30, dinner and discussion at the portola valley home of a venture capitalist. tickets for the dinner will cost you $32,000. reception tickets start at $2500. mr. obama was last in the bay area, you'll recall, in april, fundraising in san francisco and along the peninsula a new federal report is out on the deadly virus outbreak at yo simty national park. that report recommending design changes for privately run lodges to be reviewed. they say deer mites which can carry that illness were nesting inside of the new tents in the village.
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they were upgraded without approval. at least eight of the nine people that got sick stayed in the tents. a total of three visitors ended up dying during theout break a south bay scam. a sunnyvale woman the victim of burglary after a man came to her door pretending to be a contractor. the woman was so shaken, her husband talked to nbc bay area for her. she says she led the alleged contractor to her backyard early friday afternoon and talked to him for about 15 minutes on how to fix a fence. they think the whole thing was a distraction. while the two were walking, a second man entered the home and stole jewelry. >> of course we're upset but those guys just played in coalition with the other guy. it was a two-people job. >> the woman did not ask for an i.d., which police say she should have done. >> always have to be very, very safe. never can protect yourself too
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much. 4:51 right now. coming up -- a car out of the front hallway. i don't know what that lady's name is. she had three little kids underneath her. good job, teach. >> so much devastation and despair going on down in oklahoma. we continue to get new word out of the midwest as crews and volunteers move through all of that wreckage desperately searching for survivors. we have a live report coming up minutes away. >> he with will look at san jose. a nice, smooth drive for 101. i have some brake lights for 101. what's going on? we'll show you. if that was hard to make out, you are going to want to stick around to see what she had to say. a florida teen gets a very special visit at her prom, the date of a lifetime next.
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4:55 right now. a shot in the dark turns into the night of her life. a senior posted an online video asking miami heat star, dwyane wade, to take her to the prom. wade never officially responded so the teen assumed the plea had fallen on deaf ears until a very special guest appeared. >> all right. we are going to make this a special night.
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>> how cool is that? s he posted the video on youtube dancing with nicole and taking the customary prom photos together. >> don't stop. >> the night was all made possible thanks to the skill of the miami heat. they knocked off the chicago bulls quickly in the playoffs giving wade a night off. >> i have to admit, that young lady is still floating on a cloud right now. how about her date. she actually had a date. he was just kind of like, appreciate that, d-wade. thanks for coming. here is some gator aid. now, beat it. >> durham your prom date? >> i do. we are still good friends. family friends. her parents know my parents. we haven't talked in a while. i better check facebook and see the status. looking over here towards fremont. traffic status, very nice,
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smooth, easy ride past the truck scales and down towards milpitas for 880 southbound. we have slowing because of construction. that's the issue out of san jose. it is 4:57 right now. our coverage of that devastation in oklahoma continues next. we will be hearing from a local teenager that experienced a disaster up close and personal firsthand. plus -- >> reporter: the search for survivors continues inside the strike zone. i'm jay gray. the latest from oklahoma is coming up. ♪
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♪ all around the world ♪ everybody singing along ♪ everybody singing along ♪ never looking back ♪ it's a long, long way from my home ♪ [ male announcer ] with the best line up of vehicles ever. introducing the new chevrolet. why just go from a to b, when imagination can take you everywhere? here we go. [ male announcer ] chevrolet. find new roads. this is not good. please, dear god, please keep these people safe. >> it flipped off the door and i could see with my own eyes. after that, pretty much it threw bricks all over my body. >> talk about terrifying, devastation, death and destruction down in oklahoma this morning. so very, very hard for everybody. prayers going out.
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i'm jon kelley. i'm laura garcia cannon. the pictures of the damage is staggering. the entire neighborhood, cars tossed through walls, the roof ripped off an elementary school. at least 91 people are dead including at least 20 children at the school. in just a few hours, president obama is expected to make a statement about the deadly tornado. he received updates on the search and recovery efforts throughout the night. now, last night, the president spoke to oklahoma's governor. he has already signed a disaster declaration promising more aid for the victims of the deadly tornado. so many people are reacting to it as well. we are hearing reports of the pope asking for world prayer and prayer for the people that are affected by the devastation. the loss of the tornado itself was so large, it completely just leveled entire neighborhoods. >> it has been so rough for everybody out there and parents still searching for the


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